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Career Readiness

The Talent Transcript will be extremely helpful to you whether you are applying to an education or training center or for your first professional job. It is a document that both educators and employers value!

“The Commission suggests establishing for all students, beginning in middle school, a cumulative resume (talent transcript). Students would be free to use it in seeking employment or further education at any time.” U.S. Department of Labor’s “America 2000 Commission”

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“The Talent Transcript program may eventually change the numbers regarding student placement after college. If that sounds like overkill, consider this: Every resident undergraduate in the graduating class of Lindenwood (University) used the program upon graduation. Of the graduates, 90 percent of them either found a job in their career field or were accepted into graduate school – in less than 30 days after graduation. Within 60 days, 100 percent had made it.”

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On graduation day, you and every other high school and college student in America should have a diploma in one hand and your Talent Transcript in the other.

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (AP) – “When nervous St. Charles High School students receive their diplomas this spring, they’ll get a bonus – something no high school graduate has ever received before … a talent transcript. The talent transcript is essentially a cumulative resume of achievements and accomplishments. It’s the kitchen sink of good things.”

“The talent transcript is essentially a running resume of achievements and accomplishments. ‘We do a disservice to our people when we confine their life history to grades and courses, when in reality they have so much more to offer’, national career authority Ed Watkins said.”

Major League Baseball featured the Talent Transcript in its Breaking Barriers curriculum.

“For Major League Baseball players, winning the game is not the only measure of their worth or character. And, for you, studying hard and getting good grades are also not the only things that count. Getting involved in activities are important ways of developing character and talents. By keeping track of the things you do, (with the Talent Transcript), you can evaluate how well you are doing at developing all your skills and talents.”

Start you Talent Transcript now and continue to update it as you discover new talents, turn existing talents into skills 

and add new work-linked experiences.