6 Step Process for Career FIT

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STEP 6 - Tryout...an Internship

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You have begun your Talent Transcript. Update as your interests, talents and skills expand. You will receive an email that says "Talent Transcript". To update your  Talent Transcript, click on "Edit this submission" at the bottom.  You will also receive the Talent Transcript in a PDF.  Keep this email!  Print out to keep as a reference when applying for scholarships, internships or job applications. It will be invaluable to you as you approach post-secondary/training institutions and future employers.

The final step in your Talent FIT plan is to participate in, at least, a 40-hour exploratory internship with an employer that matches up with your current interests, talents and perceived strengths. 

But, to challenge yourself, further INVESTIGATE those occupations that you have listed from the Occupational Literacy Exam.  The following page provides job descriptions, training, job outlook and estimated pay for your current selections.  INVESTIGATE AND RESEARCH YOUR OCCUPATIONS!

The Self-Directed Forty-hour Internship Tryout (FIT) Plan for High School students

It’s time for you to start planning for a 40 hour internship tryout now that you have a better understanding of your perceived innate talents, the basic skills all employers seek and 5 to 10 occupations by title you feel ‘matches up’ with your current list of talents and strengths. The following are the steps and accompanying forms that are, and continue to be, used to help high school and college students secure and successfully complete an exploratory internship experience.

  1. Approach an employer in your current area of occupational interests, Talent Transcript in hand, and ask them if they would be willing to provide you with a non-paid 40 hour internship experience.
  2. Be prepared to tell the employer the kind of experience you are seeking and determine their interest and willingness to provide such an experience.
  3. Present the employer with a FIT Expectations Form to be signed by both you and the employer as well as a mutually agreed upon description of the experience along with an evaluation form upon completion.
  4. You mutually agree on an experience and time to complete your one week experience that could happen within one week or a ten week period at 4 hours per week during the school year or summer.

You will need to DOWNLOAD the following files for your internship. 

The explanations for each form are below.

FIT believes that every high school student in America should have at least one forty-hour exploratory internship before they graduate from high school and both students and employers nation-wide agree!

"A study by Millennial Branding and Internships.com finds 77% of high school students are either extremely, or very, interested in volunteering to gain work experience. And 90 percent of employers agreed that high school internship programs help students.” NBC NEWS

“Work-linked learning appears to be a key reason why countries with the strongest career systems are surpassing the U.S. in both educational attainment and employment of young adults ages 20-24.
Pathways to Prosperity, a Harvard University study

Institute director Ed Watkins created the first exploratory internship program in this country as a college professor in response to a former student who returned to say, “There is a lot of difference between that ‘stuff’ you handed out in class and what I’m learning in the ‘real world’.”

“When Professor Ed Watkins decided to give his sociology class the option of field work or a term paper, he was inundated with 150 requests. The students’ desire to get on-the-job experience could not be confined to the sociology field and spread to the other academic departments. This prompted university officials to establish a human services center, a rarity in a center of higher education. Watkins was named director.” The Raleigh News and Observer

In 2012-13, Watkins and St. Louis businessman and alum Terry Weatherby helped establish the first all school, 40 hour internship program based on the Institute’s college model at St. Mary’s High School in St. Louis.

FIT (Forty-hour Internship Tryout) Expectations Form

The purpose of the FIT program is to provide high school junior and seniors with an opportunity to ‘tryout’ a career experience prior to their entering a technical, associate or bachelor degree education experience.

Please read the list of expectations and responsibilities for the intern and internship supervisor and then sign and date at the bottom of the form.

FIT Intern

  • Know and abide by all policies, rules, regulations of the site where you are assigned to intern.
  • Be prompt, responsible, respectful and self-motivated during all intern related experiences.
  • Maintain a mature and professional relationship with clients, staff and peers.
  • Exhibit behaviors as a positive role model in representing yourself and your school.
  • Complete an evaluation at the conclusion of your experience focused on how you contributed to and what you learned at your internship location.

FIT Internship Employer

  • Review student Talent Transcript and interview student in person or by phone prior to beginning.
  • Inform student of the format for and the expectations of your internship opportunity.
  • Help intern understand the nature of the career area to which you are exposing them.
  • Complete brief evaluation of the student intern at the conclusion of the internship.

A one paragraph overview of the intern experience will be prepared by the employer. The intern host will do everything possible to convey as much information about their career as possible in the time allotted.

This internship experience in no way is deemed to be an employer/employee relationship between the intern and internship host. By signing this document, the intern agrees to release the intern host from any and all claims, actions, damages and liabilities, injury or loss that in any way are caused by, arise out of or result from his or her participation in this internship experience.

The internship host has the right to end the internship for cause at any time during the experience.

Intern Signature ______________________________________________________ Date _______

Intern Employer Signature______________________________________________ Date _______

The FIT Employer Evaluation FORM
(to be completed by Intern Supervisor)

Intern’s Name: ____________________________

Name of Business:  ______________________________

Name of Person Filling out:  ___________________________________

Intern’s Position or Assignment:  ____________________________


Follow Directions __________

Open to growth suggestions __________

Attends to details __________

Works well with others __________


Attitude __________

Interest in work __________

Dependability __________

Appropriate behavior __________

Effect on others __________

Grooming __________

Suitability of dress __________

Attendance __________

Promptness in reporting __________

DOWNLOAD FIT Employer Evaluation Form

The FIT Student Evaluation Form

Student's Name: __________________________________________________________

Name of Company: _______________________________________________________

Name of Internship Host and his/her Job Title: _________________________________

  1. Please list some things you learned from your internship experience.
  1. How did this experience impact your career decision-making process?
  1. Is this a job/career you may choose for your future?
  1. Did this experience change or confirm your career path? _________________
  1. Would you recommend this position for another student? Why?